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Allen Bellman – Forgotten Friday  

Artists can often be forgotten, and they shouldn’t. Comic Con used to be all about the comic and their creators. It’s easy to get swept into the movies and the ‘higher’ end media. Today, Forgotten Friday is focusing on one of those artists that can easily be missed; Allen Bellman. A true, Golden Age Legend.

Comic-Con, 2014. Watchtower Geeks had made their first showing! We were able to meet a lot of

wonderful people; Ben Herrera, Mile S. Miller, Buzz Aldrin! The list goes on and on. We had a great time!

But, we had the honor of finally meeting Allen Bellman. Artist “Row” was amazing the artists were accessible, the work was great, and the prices weren’t bad at all! Needless to say, we all came home with a good haul that week!

About half way though the Con, we finally made it to end of the artist section. We saw a huge banner for Captain America. I had been looking for something to get my son that had Captain on it, and this looked like a good place to start.

168119_10150093561095633_501135632_6393243_7776293_nallen bellman legend


The banner read, “Golden Age Legend “.


I recognized the name. I looked at Adam and said, “Dude, that’s Allen Bellman!” Like he couldn’t see him or read the sign… After a few people ahead of us made their way through, we finally got to the front of the line. 20 minutes later, we bought some art. He took the time to talk about his work, his past, us, and more. Looking at his drawings and listening to him speak, made us feel like we were the only ones there. I actually got to sit down next to him, and hear why he likes comic books. Meeting one of the only remaining Golden Age Artists, was awesome.

But the fact that he made us feel like we were important, didn’t rush us; brought back memories of why we loved comics.

Golden Age Artist - Captain America!

Golden Age Artist – Captain America!



A few months later, we were able to set up an interview for Watchtower Geeks. I will admit, I was

like a school kid. I had Allen Bellman’s phone number! Not only that, he left me a message! I am pretty sure that I played that voice mail for everyone that knew anything about comics.

stan lee

When the time came to actually ‘interview’ Mr. Bellman, I was nervous. Would he still act like he did at ComicCon? Would I ask a stupid question?

Before the interview, Marvel had shown some disrespect to him at a 75th anniversary ‘get-together’. I wanted to see how he felt about it, hear his side. Should I ask? Would it make him upset?

Myself, Adam and Ed both spent some time coming up with our questions and trying to figure out what to ask him. It was worth the worry. He was just as kind and respectful as I remembered him being. There were a few times during the interview that it felt like I was listening to someone that knew a lot of things I didn’t. But then I realized something; I was.


His advice was sound, his stories were great, and his attitude reminded me of better times.

Michael Uslan

He made us feel like it was worth it to be kind. It was worth it to stick to your hard work.

From drawing backgrounds and horses, to drawing an iconic figure that  would come to represent a Nation. Allen Bellman has surely lived a life that will have a lasting affect on people. It may be cliche’ to talk about how you can learn from someone who has been around for a bit. But that doesn’t change the truth.

Thank you Mr. Bellman for your contributions to art, the comic world, and to each person you come in contact with. It is not lost on us, or those you reach.

Our audio/video interview will be coming next!

Watchtower Geeks (Jason, Adam and Ed)

AE49 Trial Cover.qxd



There are a few audio issues because our phone connection cut out a few times. Otherwise, please enjoy the interview!


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