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Christmas Story — #truemeaning #ChristmasDevastation

Geek Girls Christmas Eye-Opener Something new about geek girl you probably didn’t already know. I’m a volunteer firefighter and EMT for my local fire department. Unfortunately, Thursday morning,  approximately 5 am, we were toned out for report of a structure fire 2 miles down the road from me.  Upon arriving at the scene, the house was totally engulfed.  We weren’t able to save the pets, but the people all made it out safely.  And once the fire was brought under control, we salvaged what we could from Christmas presents.  Thankfully the…

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Forgotten Friday Movies 

Deleted Death Scene – The Interview – North Korea Behind Hack? – Gee, really? #hacking #northkorea #sony #forgottenfriday

Forgotten Friday:   So on our Forgotten Friday today.. we are remembering the days when the US didn’t give in to terrorist demands… *cough* The FBI is stating what we already know.. that North Korea is behind the recent hacks on Sony.  Identifying those responsible is the first step in the investigation? Ok, what’s the second? Are we going to declare war? Are we going to “arrest” them? Maybe we can post harshly worded statements on the web to scare them off! I’m waiting for hacks of Sony, Paramount Pictures,…

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Fantasy Movies Music 

Billy Boyd sings The Last Goodbye for the The Hobbit’s final film. #thehobbit, #billybod, #lotr

This new song from Billy Boyd, aka. Pippin Took, is the perfect fitting for the ending of the Hobbit trilogy as well as the completion of the Middle Earth movies together. I love this song and cannot wait until next week when the Battle of the Five Armies is out int he theaters. ENJOY!! GEEK ED  

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