2014 Most Popular Stories – #superdad @peterquill #therock

So, we have a super hero related theme in the most popular stories for 2014.

Coming in at number 1?

Can A Dad Really Be Superman?

-This is a story from one of our founders, regarding his experience with his son and a bus accident. We had no idea it would get so much attention, but it did. It was top of the list for weeks, prompting a follow up to be written after.

Number 2:

Who Is Star Lord’s Father?

– Being that GOTG was such a big hit, this is no surprise. The surprise, was that day after day, since it was published, it has ALWAYS received views. If you have any new info, post it in the comments!

Number 3:

The Rock In Shazam?

– We were surprised to see the ‘rock’ be googled so much. Specifically in reference to his role in Shazam!


Looking forward to 2015!!

The Watchtower Geek Team




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