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Geek Survival- Shelter

You are driving along in a wooded area, on the prairies, in the mountains when all of a sudden there is a massive EMP explosion, you are trying to get to you bug out...

Geek Survival

  If you have done any looking through The Watchtower you will notice we have a whole section dedicated to survival. Survival?!  YEP survival.  What does survival have to do with The Watchtower’s geeky-ness?...

Batman: The Brave And The Bold

  Holy Diedrich Bader Batman I can finally watch the Dark Knight on Blu-riffic Blu-ray

Space Glasses – META Review

I can remember being on my dad’s TANDY playing Tron, after watching Tron the movie thinking “this would be even better if I could play this on that awesome computer desk”.             Flash forward to 2008; while watching Tony Stark create his masterpieces out of thin air and thinking, “this is better than the Tron Table.”   Meron Gribetz, founder CEO of META, must have had the same thoughts,  who is bringing fiction into reality.  The new META space glasses will take your personal device and project in a 3-D form right in front of your eyes. We have been waiting for this since our geeky imagination could think something like this up.  Will it take off?  Right now, coming in at $700 a pop and looking like giant rec specs, they might not take off until the more stylish versions come out.  This will probably be the next Bluetooth headset.  Long are the days of people walking around seemingly talking to themselves and upon closer examination you see the Bluetooth headset jammed in their ears.  I’m sure we will see in the next few years people swiping at the air....


Call of Duty: Ghost

I have been loving these commercials! This one takes the cake! EPIC! [jwplayer mediaid=”153″]


The Hobbit – 3 Minute Preview

[jwplayer mediaid=”147″] From the previews, I think there is still a lot of CGI… and I miss the realism from LOTR. But, this is a children’s book; lighter, not so heavy, not as ‘realistic’?...